About Us

Fingerstyle Studio is a multi-disciplinary mashup of the varied interests and talents of one person.  That would be me. My home is Portland, Maine.  A fantastic place, full of the best kinds of life.

Over the years, of which there have been many, my interests and forays into the world of creative pursuits have taken several forms, but the most important has been music. Music is the nexus of all my creative activities, and guides me through my other compositions of word, image, line, space and form.
The Beatles, The Blues, The Folks, The Classical, The Jazz.

Starting at age 12, the guitar and those musics have made their way through my muse and out to vibrating strings and resonating air.  Starting with piano lessons I hated, but would not give back for anything, music has been part of me. I have been given a gift of talent from the great gifter, who or whatever or wherever that may be. One thing I know is that my mother could sing like an angel, and my dad could hold his own when the opportunity moved him.  So there's that.  We guide our progeny with our word, deed and pass along our identities and abilities in ways innate.  So thanks, Mom and Dad, for all your love and guidance and DNA.

Through these links you will find music that has made its way from out there to in here and out again, Through These Fingers.  Take a listen.

And read some of my ramblings and prose as well.

And check out some of my sketchings and design ideas and photography.

And say hi and/or let me know what  you think.